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Weekend adds zest to kite flyers’ enthusiasm | Surat

SURAT: Enthusiasm among people to celebrate Uttarayan is high this year as the festival falls in a weekend. While kite flying enthusiasts prepared threads in advance, kite purchase by them picked up since Friday late evening.
“Kite purchase was limited but like every year it will pick up during the night. People mostly come to purchase kites at night before Uttarayan,” said Bunty Mali, a kite seller in Bhagal.
Buyers in good numbers visited the lanes of Bhagal kite market during the week but the actual business would take place on the night before the festival. Because of good wind, kite flying enthusiasts are hopeful of a joyful festival this year.
“For the past few days, wind has been good. I am hopeful that the wind will remain good for the next two days. As it is a holiday for two days in a row this year, I bought more manja than what I normally buy,” said Vipul Patel, a kite flying enthusiast.
Meanwhile, buyers visited the kite market in Pal where many stores selling kites and manja have come up. Buyers who did not wish to go to the walled city for kite purchase had an option this year.
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