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Video of child in pilot’s seat during take-off goes viral | India

SURAT: A video of a young boy sitting in the pilot’s seat of a moving aircraft went viral on Thursday. The video is believed to have been shot at Surat airport while the aircraft was taking off. The Surat airport terminal building is visible in the video.
In the video, the boy, around five years old, is seen sitting in the pilot’s seat and holding the steering wheel. The boy in a white shirt is wearing headphones and is seen listening to instructions from the pilot sitting on the seat next to him.
The aircraft in the viral video appears to be a single-engine plane, mostly used for training purposes or short journeys. The video has raised concerns among aviation enthusiasts in the city.
“It is surprising to see a young boy in the pilot’s seat when the aircraft is moving. It is about to take off and such acts can lead to a disaster. It should be investigated,” said a frequent flyer from the city.
“People from the city took a lot of pain and ran campaigns to make the airport functional. But some strange incidents like this put the airport on the backtrack. Such acts should be investigated and action should be taken,” said an aviation activist.
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