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Two Jewellery Shows On Same Dates Create Confusion | Surat

Surat: The diamond polishing hub is going to witness an unusual competition in December. For, two leading organisations are pitching for two jewellery exhibitions on the same dates.
While the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI) has announced to hold ‘Sparkle’ from December 16 to 18, the Surat Jewellery Manufacturers Association (SJMA) has planned to hold ‘ Roots’ from December 16 to 19.
SGCCI’s event is organised on a business-to-consumer model, while SJMA’s exhibition is held on a business-to-business model. Both the events are being organised for different clientele but the timing has left the jewellers confused.
SGCCI has been holding ‘Sparkle’ exhibition for over a decade and it exhibits jewellery, natural and lab-grown diamonds. In the recent past, SGCCI changed the nature of ‘Sparkle’ from B2B to B2C.
Meanwhile, SJMA members expressed a need for a B2B jewellery exhibition that can be developed as a branding event.
In 2021, ‘Sparkle’ was held in February while ‘Roots’ took place in November. Both received good responses.
“Dates of ‘Roots’ were announced a year ago and the Union ministry of commerce has posted the dates on its website. The ministry is supporting participants with subsidies,” said Jayanti Savaliya, president of SJMA.
SGCCI officials claim that the nature of both the exhibitions is different and it will not harm the interests of the industry. “The SGCCI exhibition is B2C, hence there is no conflict with the other exhibition. ‘Sparkle’ dates have been rescheduled recently,” said Himanshu Bodawala, president of SGCCI. ‘Sparkle’ will be held at Indoor Stadium while ‘Roots’ is scheduled to be held at Surat International Exhibition & Convention Centre (SIECC), Sarsana.
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