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Three Of Family Electrocuted In Farm In Tapi Village | Surat

Surat: Three members of a family in Mordevi village under Valod taluka of Tapi district died of electrocution on Wednesday after they came in contact with an electrified fence at their farm. The deceased were identified as Dhiru Chaudhary (65), his wife Krishna (63), and his stepson Devram (43).
According police, the three were working in the farm on Wednesday morning. Around 8.30am, Chaudhary picked up a water pipe that accidentally touched the fence wire. Chaudhary got electrocuted and collapsed.
“Noticing this, Krishna and Devram tried to save him, but they too got electrocuted when they tried to pull Dhiru out,” said police.
The family’s farm is behind their home and every night they switch on the power supply to the fence in order to keep the wild animals at bay.
“In the morning when they go the farm, they switch off the power supply but on Wednesday they forgot to do it,’’ the police said.
Farmers in interior tribal areas have started using the technique of electrified fence to keep away wild animals, especially boars, which damage the crops. The animals damage the crops more than they eat them. During daytime, the farmers keep a watch on their farms but at night they electrify the fence by switching on the power supply.
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