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Surat: Festive season triggers huge rush at railway stations | Surat

SURAT: Thousands of passengers gathered at Udhna and Surat railway stations on Sunday and Monday to board trains to reach their homes during the festive season.
Railway officials said that the rush was high as people were going to their native places for Diwali and Chhath puja. Videos and photos of the crowd at Udhna and Surat stations went viral. Thousands of people are seen trying to get into the trains with luggage on their heads. There were women and children in the crowd.
“The crowd is huge and most of the passengers are heading to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar as they are trying to reach their native places for Diwali and Chhath. The crowd will continue for the next couple of days,” said a railway official on Monday.
The officials claimed that they are running seven regular trains daily for UP and Bihar while one holiday special train (daily) has been started for the festival season.
Units in the textile industry started closing operations and the migrant workers started leaving the city last week in view of the vacation.
On October 14, a total of 24,738 tickets, including platform tickets, were sold, while 22,681 passengers were recorded at Surat railway station and a revenue of Rs 27.2 lakh was generated for the railways. On October 23, the number of tickets increased to 45,069 and the number of passengers was 38,500 with increase in revenue to Rs 74.6 lakh.
“There is a considerable rise in the number of tickets sold but how many travelled without ticket taking advantage of the crowd is not clear,” said an official.
“With the holiday special train, we are attaching additional coaches to manage the rush. How many people reach the railway station and board the train on a general ticket is not predictable,” said an official at Surat railway station.
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