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Police Trying To Verify Source Of Hiv +ve Blood | Surat

Surat: City police are collecting evidence about a person who reportedly played a key role in arranging the blood of a HIV positive person and provided it to the 35-year-old driver, who allegedly injected it to his 30-year-old former wife.
The accused earlier told the police that he arranged the blood through a known person but it is not yet clear if he secured it from a HIV+ person or from a pathology laboratory.
The accused has been remanded to police custody for two days.
“He is changing statements, and hence, the police will be able to declare details only after getting strong evidence. He is claiming to get the blood through a person, but it is not yet clear if it was arranged from a lab or from an HIV positive individual,” said a police officer.
“The police will collect CCTV footage, call details and location details of the middle man to verify the claims of the accused. We will thoroughly investigate the person and only after his arrest more details can be shared,” said the police.
The accused initially claimed that he took blood from an HIV positive person in a hospital posing as an NGO worker. Later, he claimed that a friend in a pathology laboratory provided him the infected blood. In the latest claim he told police that he took the blood of an HIV positive person known to him.
A complaint was lodged in Rander police station on Sunday after the blood was injected to a woman. The accused has been booked under various sections of Indian Penal Code including 328 (causing hurt by means of poison), 324 (voluntarily causing hurt by weapon) and 270 (malignantly doing act spreading the infection of any disease dangerous to life).
Investigation so far has revealed that the accused and the woman met on Sunday afternoon and went for an outing. He took her shopping, bought her perfume and other products and ate outside. In the evening they went to an isolated spot on Mora Bhagal road to spend some private time. They got divorced two months ago after 15-years of love marriage.
While hugging the woman the accused injected her with the blood. He confessed to the police that he was inspired by a TV show in which a man injects dog’s blood to a woman to take revenge.
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