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Mumbai Tailor Caught With Md Worth 79l | Surat

Surat: Police arrested a 35-year-old tailor from Mumbai on Wednesday when he was trying to enter the city and recovered from him 792 gram of mephedrone worth Rs 79.2 lakh. Police also identified and the detained person who was supposed to receive the drug consignment in the city.
Police arrested Mohommad Ehmad alias Monu Idrish, a resident of Dharavi, from Niyol check-post. Police later detained one Asif, a resident of Rander, based on the information given by Idrish.
Asif was to receive the drug consignment from Idrish. Police may arrest Asif after questioning him. Idrish has been arrested for the first time for his involvement in a drug racket.
The city police had information that Idrish was to reach the city in a private bus. However, to mislead the police he got down from the bus before the police check-post and was planning to cross the check-post in some other vehicle. But police caught him before he could find another vehicle.
Police noticed his suspicious movement and detained him. On checking, police found a black bag in which Idrish was carrying the drug. Police then arrested him.
“Police had specific information about Idrish that he was coming in a bus. But he got down before the check-post. Even then police nabbed him due to their alertness,” said city police commissioner Ajay Tomar.
“Such operations are the result of watching the suspects for several weeks. But each such operation sends a message to the drug syndicates that police will catch them,” added Tomar.
The accused informed police that he was given the drug consignment by one Shehbaz in Mumbai. The consignment was handed over to Idrish near Sion railway station. He was told to hand over the consignment to Asif in Surat.
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