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Mandaviya Warns Bjp Of Aap’s Social Media Edge | Surat

Surat: A video of Union minister of health and family welfare has needled the netizens thereby generating mixed reaction in the political circles of the state.
In the video, minister Mansukh Mandaviya, who also holds chemicals and fertilizers portfolio in the Modi government, is heard telling party workers how the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is ahead in its social media campaigns.
The video is claimed to be from his recent visit to the state when he discussed campaign-related issues with the BJP workers.
“A party like AAP has more pressure on social media than us. What is the reason? Can anyone tell why they are strong? We have more people than them. Youth are there (with AAP) and here (with BJP) too,” Mandaviya is heard saying in the video that has gone viral.
The facial expressions of Mandaviya, who is seen holding a mike and addressing around 50 people in a room, are clearly showing that he was upset with BJP’s social media campaigning.
BJP leaders have confirmed the meeting and social media campaign issues that had been raised by Mandaviya.
Meanwhile, AAP leaders are upbeat that their efforts are making their opponent worry. “It is a fact that we are proving effective on a few social media platforms. How it will transpire in votes is up to the people,” said Mahendra Navadiya, president, AAP, Surat.
“AAP’s social media campaign is organic, while the BJP has paid staff to work for social media. Hence, our reach is greater,” said Navadiya.
Sources in AAP claimed that the video is edited and has been made viral by BJP workers themselves. “It is not clear if it has been made viral with a plan or accidentally came in circulation. It may be shared to make BJP workers realise that they need to work harder while on the other hand sends message to AAP that they are already ahead and may go into relaxing mode,” an AAP leader indicated.
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