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In Midnight Op, Three Religious Structures Razed | Surat

Surat: In a late night drive, the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) and city police demolished three religious structures on the Ring Road that were obstructing traffic. Two dargahs and a temple were demolished near Sahara Darwaja after midnight amid deployment of around 600 police personnel.
The demolition continued from 12.30am to 4.30am on Saturday. Immediately, after the demolition of the structures, the road surface was levelled at the spots.
SMC and police maintained secrecy while executing the demolition and did not reveal its details since religious groups were against the demolition of the temple and the dargahs. In the past, a couple of attempts were stalled by these groups by staging dharnas at the spots. The two dargahs were on the stretch from Sahara Darwaja to Delhi Gate and they were there for several years. The temple was on the opposite side of the road that goes towards Sahara Darwaja. The temple was partially on the parapet of the Ring Road flyover bridge.
“SMC had attempted to remove the structures in the past but due to various reasons, it had been put on hold. The structures were obstructing traffic,” said an SMC official.
SMC officials could not explain how the dates were finalised around the festival. “We received the orders from the top after which the decision was taken,” said the official.
From 11pm on Friday, police started deploying personnel drawn from different police stations. Police blocked both the stretches by putting in place barricades but the exact reason for the barricading was not declared till midnight. At around 12.30am, those managing the dargahs and the temple were asked to remove their belongings and once the valuables were removed, the structures were demolished.
“SMC had sought police help and considering the sensitivity of the operation, police provided required bandobast. It continued for around four hours and was completed peacefully,” said a police officer.
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