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Flyer suffers heart attack at Surat airport, stirs row | Surat

SURAT: Allegations of airport authorities’ refusal to send its ambulance to take a 65-year-old flyer, who had suffered a heart attack after deboarding, has set off a row.
While members of We Work for Working Airport at Surat (WWWS) alleged that none of the two ambulances stationed at the airport were delegated to take the patient to a hospital, authorities categorically rejected these claims saying the 108 ambulance had arrived by the time the man was stabilized by the doctors and other staff.
The incident happened on Sunday evening when the passenger suddenly felt uneasy while crossing the aerobridge. An alert loader of IndiGo and a CISF personnel immediately gave him cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and he was stabilized. A team of doctors posted at the airport as per an MOU with a local hospital also arrived and started the treatment.
However, WWWAS’ founding member Linesh Shah alleged that there were issues in shifting the patient as an ambulance from outside had to arrive despite the airport having two. “The airport staff did not send any of the two ambulances to shift the patient to the hospital but waited for an outside ambulance to arrive. Ultimately, he was taken in an ambulance called from outside,” said Shah.
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