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Deadly Manja Leaves Three Injured In City | Surat

Surat: Uttrayan is three weeks away, but three cases of injuries due to deadly manja (kite flying thread) have surfaced in the city. All three incidents of humans getting injured due to manja were on bridges.
Several birds have also been injured. Bird rescue NGOs are receiving regular calls every day.
“Daily we are receiving five to six calls for birds injured by manja. Injuries to birds are getting reported a little early compared to previous years. Three incidents of serious injury to humans have also been reported in the city,” said Darshan Desai, volunteer of Prayas Team Environment.
It was a pleasant Sunday evening for Prakash Rathod, a lawyer. He was returning home with his friend on December 11 when manja slit his throat while he was going down the Jilani Bridge towards Ved Darwaja.
“The manja with a kite attached suddenly slit my neck. I suffered a deep cut on my throat,” Rathod (40) told TOI. He got nine stitches.
On the same day, Begampura resident Arif Lokhandwala (45) suffered serious injuries when he was on Gotalawadi Bridge in Katargam. Lokhandwala was on his motorcycle when the manja left a deep cut on his neck. He also got cuts on his fingers when he tried to pull the razor-sharp thread. He had to be hospitalized.
In another incident, Babaloo Vishwakarma (20) suffered serious injuries due to manja while his wife and four-year-old daughter got injured after they fell from the motorcycle on December 18. Vishwakarma was on Piyush Point flyover when the incident occurred.
“Normally Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) installs wires on bridges to prevent kite threads from falling on commuters. We do that after December 25 as the kite flying activities start during that time,” said an SMC officer.
“Considering recent incidents we will get wires installed on bridges immediately. Other necessary steps will also be taken,” said Paresh Patel, chairman, standing committee, SMC.
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