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Convict hurls stone at judge in Gujarat’s Navsari | Surat

SURAT: A murder convict facing a separate attempt to murder case hurled a stone at a woman additional district judge during the court proceedings in Navsari on Friday.
The stone did not hit the judge but was hurled strongly enough to damage a wall, police said.
The accused, Dharmesh Rathod, was booked for an attempt to murder and attack using a harmful weapon. Three policemen – a head constable and two constables – were suspended for negligence in their duty. The cops were part of the team that brought Rathod from Lajpore Central Jail (LCJ), Surat to Navsari court.
In 2019, Rathod had flung a chappal at judge MA Shaikh, an investigation revealed. He was fined Rs 200 by the judge then and allowed to go.
“During initial questioning, Rathod claimed that he found the stone in the police van. The cops were negligent that they did not check him before producing in court,” said a police officer. “The stone was thrown from 18 feet away and it could have injured the judge seriously, the officer said.
“He wanted to sit with his co-accused woman in court in the attempted murder case to discuss the case details. They had an affair and had tried to kill the woman’s husband a few years ago,” said the officer, adding that Rathod wanted the case proceedings to be completed quickly.”
Pratapsinh Mahida, a senior lawyer of the Navsari Bar Association, said, “It is a shocking incident and the same murder convict is involved in a similar attack even earlier. In the past too, he had hurled a chappal at a judge.”
Rathod and the woman were convicted of murder a few years ago and he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. Meanwhile, he and the woman planned to get married. They got parole and while out they went to seek the woman’s husband for marriage with Rathod. When the husband refused, Rathod and the woman attacked and injured him grievously.
“They were booked for attempted murder in this case and arrested again. On Friday, Rathod and the woman were produced in the court in this case when he threw a stone,” said police.
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