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Container Poll Booth For Aliabet Voters | Surat

Surat: For the first time residents of Aliabet in Bharuch will be able to exercise their franchise in the assembly election from near their home. A polling booth has been set up for the island’s 217 voters in a shipping container.
Earlier, these residents were forced to travel several kilometres by boat as Aliabet turns into an island during high tide or heavy rain. After the water recedes, the connecting road is available for use but the distance is long and tiring.

Container poll booth for Aliabet voters

The booth that will have a toilet will generate its own power supply through solar panels and will accommodate a team of polling staff and security personnel as well.
“There will be desks, chairs, light, fan and drinking water facility in the booth. It has all the basic facilities required in a polling booth,” said a Bharuch district election official.
Five new voters were added to the total 212 registered voters, thereby taking the total to 217 now. In the panchayat election a tent was set up for voters.
“The proposal to set up a temporary poll booth at Aliabet was sent to the election commission after which the commission ordered to set up the booth. The shipping container was transported to the spot in a truck when the road was available for use,” said an officer.
“There is no government building in Aliabet and hence, we have to depend on a temporary setup. The residents in Aliabet earlier came to Kaladara to vote,” the official added.

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