HOROSCOPE ( Character Attributes )




Even this small amount information can be used at a dinner party, in several amusing ways. One could simply ask one's guests for their Birth date, and then tell them the type of character they are supposed to have; this can lead to long and interesting Discussion


Alternatively, and for greater amusement, one can  write out on a large sheet of card all of the "CHARACTER ATTRIBUTES" as listed above, with neither the dates nor  the names of the Zodiacal signs attached. You then ask all your guests to choose which they think is closest to  how they really are, and which is closest to their husband or wife, and to write these down against the names on sheets of paper which you distribute to them Finally, you ask each person for his or her DATE OF BIRTH, and write this by their name, using a different colored pencil so that none may accuse you of cheating.


The results will be quite fascinating. If these characteristics were quite randomly assigned, each person would have one chance in twelve of choosing the attributes linked with their own, or their spouse's birth-date. You will be amazed at how many have chosen the correct attributes, and they will be amazed at your knowing the time of year that each was born. 


If all your guests know each other well, they can each write down the characteristics of all the others. When you work out the results, you will find that some people have been correctly identified by practically everyone present; whilst others, whose characters are perhaps more complex, have not been so readily and accurately identified.


It may be of interest that this whole matter of   ZODIACAL SIGN  was recently preached against at length by the Rev. Dr. ArMytage Ware. Regrettably I am unable to pass on any of his no doubt strongly argued and cogent points as I unfortunately fell asleep shortly after the beginning of his sermon.



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